Summer vacation and dental implants for a beautiful smile at our Energy Corridor dental clinic.

Complete Your Summer Smile with Dental Implants

Now that summer is here, it is time to prepare for your long-awaited vacation. As with every summer vacation, there will be plenty of video and photos to go around. If you have an incomplete smile due to missing teeth, our cosmetic dentistry office in the Energy Corridor can complete and perfect your smile in time for your vacation.


If you have missing teeth, heavily decayed teeth, or weak teeth, then you may want to consider receiving teeth replacements. Here are some defining reasons for why each of these situations may require implants:

  • MISSING TEETH: This is the most common reason people receive dental implants, and for good reason. Teeth can go missing for various reasons, like an injury or accident, or simply because an adult tooth never grew in. For whatever reason, if you have a tooth that is missing, filling it in with a replacement tooth can make a world of difference for you. If the gap from the missing tooth is visible in your smile, you may try to hide your smile. This can also affect your diet because it may be difficult to chew certain foods. A dental implant can make it appear as if there was never a missing tooth.
  • DECAYED TEETH: For patients with heavily decayed teeth or a decayed tooth, a dental implant can make that area look new. By removing the decayed teeth, the dental structure will become strong and durable for normal oral functions. If you have a badly decayed tooth, then come to Houston Dental Esthetics to have it examined. It may need a tooth replacement, or it may just need a dental filling or a dental crown.
  • WEAK TEETH: Having weak teeth is commonly a genetic issue. This dental problem can negatively affect your diet and can also place strain on all of your teeth. If you have one weak tooth or numerous weak teeth, dental implants can alleviate the problems that come from this issue.

Dental implants are one of the most important breakthroughs in dentistry. The tooth replacements are completely biocompatible and typically last the lifetime of the patient, which means you can have a complete smile for all your future summer vacations.


If you are interested in receiving dental implants, then contact our dental clinic between Katy and downtown Houston in the heart of the Energy Corridor. We have the latest in dental technology and the best and friendliest cosmetic dental staff. We can’t wait to beautify your smile.


Houston Dental Esthetics Facility for cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry.

Get Your Best Smile from Our Energy Corridor Dentist

How happy are you with your smile? If your teeth have become discolored, weak or fragile, or if you have missing teeth, then Houston Dental Esthetics in the Energy Corridor is where you should go for all your cosmetic dental needs.

This summer could be the time when you finally achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. At our cosmetic dental office, Dr. Saba and Dr. Frangie are here to provide you with a smile that you’ll always be proud of. There are numerous simple ways to beautify your smile. Here are just a couple:

TEETH WHITENING: This is a very simple procedure that can be done in-office or at-home. Houston Dental Esthetics gives you the option of either one. If your teeth are discolored from years of drinking dark drinks or foods, then teeth whitening can quickly and easily brighten your smile. This is an inexpensive option that can change the way you look at yourself.

DENTAL FILLINGS: Teeth undergo a ton of stress over the years. This stress can lead to chips and cracks in the teeth. If you have chips in your teeth, dental fillings can easily cover these up and perfect your teeth and smile. If you have tooth decay, our cosmetic dentists can easily remove the decay and fill in the area with dental fillings, which is made of composite resin.

If your smile suffers from more serious issues, like broken or missing teeth, our cosmetic dentists can correct these problems as well. The followings dental procedures can complete your smile by filling in the gaps or reshaping your teeth:

DENTAL CROWNS: If you have teeth that are broken, these can lead to further harm to your tooth and oral health. Placing a dental crown over the damaged tooth can preserve the tooth for the long-term. Our Energy Corridor dentist will adjust the existing structure of the tooth to remove any decay or edges that could hinder the dental crown. A dental crown is custom-made to fit on top of the existing tooth and between the surrounding teeth. This is to ensure the dental cap looks and feels like a real tooth.

DENTAL IMPLANTS: Have a missing tooth? Regardless of why it is missing, it can be replaced with a dental implant. A dental implant is made of titanium, which is placed into the jawbone. This biocompatible material is accepted by the bone, which grows around it and secures it into place. Once the area heals, a dental cap is placed on top. Dental implants typically last the lifetime of the patient.


You don’t have to wait to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Come to Houston Dental Esthetics in the Energy Corridor, just east of Katy, and receive the cosmetic dental procedure you need to beautify your smile. Our dentists and dental staff are here to give you the smile you can smile about.


Woman smiling from cosmetic dentistry from Energy Corridor dental clinic, east of Katy, TX.

A Dentist for Katy and the Energy Corridor

Houston Dental Esthetics is home for great cosmetic dentistry. Nestled right alongside I-10 in the energy Corridor, our dental clinic has become the ideal dentistry clinic for many Katy residents.

At our Energy Corridor dental clinic, our dentists provide various cosmetic dentistry treatments that can perfect your smile. If you are unsatisfied with your smile or want it to shine just a bit more, our dental staff is here to make it happen for you.


From oral surgery to minimally invasive procedures, Houston Dental Esthetics has all you need for a more beautiful smile. Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer to our Katy and other west Houston patients:

  • DENTAL IMPLANTS: Dental implants are one of the most impactful oral treatments available. These tooth replacements look and feel like real teeth because the visible part is made of porcelain. The interior part that goes into the jaw bone is made of titanium, which is completely biocompatible with the human body. Not only does it look like a real tooth, but the body accepts it as part of itself. Implants are used to replace missing teeth that go missing for various reasons, like tooth decay or injury.
  • DENTAL CROWNS: If a tooth is salvageable and doesn’t need a complete replacement, then a dental crown is often recommended. If there is massive decay or even a broken tooth, a dental cap made of porcelain is the perfect option. Instead of having the tooth pulled, our cosmetic dentists can save the tooth so you can resume normal oral function.
  • DENTURES: Our Energy Corridor dentistry office specializes in dentures and dental bridges. Patients often call these false teeth. These provide our patients with complete smiles even if they are missing some or all of their teeth.


If you or one of your family members needs cosmetic dentistry work, then come to our dental clinic just east of Katy. We look forward to providing you and your family with healthy and beautiful smiles.


Dental implant for summer vacation at Energy Corridor dentist office.

Get Dental Implants Before Your Summer Vacation

At Houston Dental Esthetics, we want everyone to look their very best, and with summer vacations right around the corner, now is the best time to invest in cosmetic dentistry. One of the most effective ways to improve your smile is through dental implants.

Our Energy Corridor cosmetic dentists are able to perfect your smile through dental implant procedures. These implants fill in gaps where there are missing teeth. By receiving a dental implant or multiple dental implants (depending on the need), there will be no need to hide your smile.

Summer vacation is a time for taking photos and videos of wherever you go. These photos and videos will last a lifetime and at our Energy Corridor dental office, we think you should be proud to show off every picture and video to your friends and family. Covering up your smile and hiding from the camera won’t be an issue this summer after receiving a tooth replacement from Houston Dental Esthetics.


Our dental patients leave our dentistry clinic feeling confident in their renewed smiles. From Houston to Katy, our Energy Corridor dental office provides excellent service to patients who need to rejuvenate their smile.

There are varying reasons for requiring a tooth replacement. Ranging from an avulsed tooth (a tooth that was forcibly removed through injury or accident) to major tooth decay, issues with missing teeth can quickly be resolved regardless of why a dental implant is needed.

Our dental technology simplifies the process of performing the oral surgery. This will allow you to schedule your appointment, undergo the tooth replacement procedure, and be ready in time for your summer vacation. With our highly trained cosmetic dentists, you can enjoy your time off with confidence.


There is no better time to replace a missing tooth than right now. If you need a dental implant, then contact our dental clinic in the Energy Corridor between Katy and downtown Houston and schedule your appointment. We look forward to completing and perfecting your smile.


Woman smiling at pool during summer. Houston energy Corridor cosmetic dentistry.

Get Your Summer Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Although summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, the heat is here and the kids are out of school or will be in the next few days. So yeah, it’s summer. And now is the time to get the smile you’ve always wanted through our cosmetic dentistry options.

Summer is a time for vacations, going to the beach, hanging with friends and family, crawfish boils, and late nights at the movies. This is a time for fun and smiles, which means there will be tons of photos taken. If you are unsatisfied with your smile, then consider all that our cosmetic dentist office in the Energy Corridor has to offer.


There are plenty of reasons for choosing to receive a cosmetic dental procedure. Here are some of the more common reasons our dentists come across at our dental clinic:

  • BRIGHTER SMILE: If you a big wine or coffee drinker, then you may have stained teeth. No worries. This can easily be taken care of through teeth whitening. Our Energy Corridor dental office provides an at-home teeth whitening option and an in-office teeth whitening option. The at-home option is more convenient because it allows you to take the teeth whitening kit home with you and apply the whitener at your convenience. The in-office treatment, however, provides faster results with only a few sessions needed. Results typically are noticed after the first session.
  • CHIPPED TEETH: If you have chipped teeth, weak teeth, or even heavily stained teeth, then our cosmetic dentists have the solution for you: porcelain veneers. These veneers are bonded on the front of the teeth and provide a natural look. Since they are made of porcelain, they feel like natural teeth too.
  • MISSING TEETH: A tooth can go missing for various reasons, but that’s no reason to worry. Houston Dental Esthetics provides dental implants that can fill in the gaps. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and typically last the lifetime of the patient. If dental implants aren’t up your alley, our dental clinic east of Katy offers dentures and dental bridges.


If you are ready to beautify your smile for the 2018 summer and for the rest of your life, then contact our dental clinic in the Energy Corridor and schedule your cosmetic dentistry dental appointment. Our dental staff is here to help in every way possible to give you the smile you want.