Complete Your Summer Smile with Dental Implants

Now that summer is here, it is time to prepare for your long-awaited vacation. As with every summer vacation, there will be plenty of video and photos to go around. If you have an incomplete smile due to missing teeth, our cosmetic dentistry office in the Energy Corridor can complete and perfect your smile in time for your vacation.


If you have missing teeth, heavily decayed teeth, or weak teeth, then you may want to consider receiving teeth replacements. Here are some defining reasons for why each of these situations may require implants:

  • MISSING TEETH: This is the most common reason people receive dental implants, and for good reason. Teeth can go missing for various reasons, like an injury or accident, or simply because an adult tooth never grew in. For whatever reason, if you have a tooth that is missing, filling it in with a replacement tooth can make a world of difference for you. If the gap from the missing tooth is visible in your smile, you may try to hide your smile. This can also affect your diet because it may be difficult to chew certain foods. A dental implant can make it appear as if there was never a missing tooth.
  • DECAYED TEETH: For patients with heavily decayed teeth or a decayed tooth, a dental implant can make that area look new. By removing the decayed teeth, the dental structure will become strong and durable for normal oral functions. If you have a badly decayed tooth, then come to Houston Dental Esthetics to have it examined. It may need a tooth replacement, or it may just need a dental filling or a dental crown.
  • WEAK TEETH: Having weak teeth is commonly a genetic issue. This dental problem can negatively affect your diet and can also place strain on all of your teeth. If you have one weak tooth or numerous weak teeth, dental implants can alleviate the problems that come from this issue.

Dental implants are one of the most important breakthroughs in dentistry. The tooth replacements are completely biocompatible and typically last the lifetime of the patient, which means you can have a complete smile for all your future summer vacations.


If you are interested in receiving dental implants, then contact our dental clinic between Katy and downtown Houston in the heart of the Energy Corridor. We have the latest in dental technology and the best and friendliest cosmetic dental staff. We can’t wait to beautify your smile.