Get Dental Implants Before Your Summer Vacation

At Houston Dental Esthetics, we want everyone to look their very best, and with summer vacations right around the corner, now is the best time to invest in cosmetic dentistry. One of the most effective ways to improve your smile is through dental implants.

Our Energy Corridor cosmetic dentists are able to perfect your smile through dental implant procedures. These implants fill in gaps where there are missing teeth. By receiving a dental implant or multiple dental implants (depending on the need), there will be no need to hide your smile.

Summer vacation is a time for taking photos and videos of wherever you go. These photos and videos will last a lifetime and at our Energy Corridor dental office, we think you should be proud to show off every picture and video to your friends and family. Covering up your smile and hiding from the camera won’t be an issue this summer after receiving a tooth replacement from Houston Dental Esthetics.


Our dental patients leave our dentistry clinic feeling confident in their renewed smiles. From Houston to Katy, our Energy Corridor dental office provides excellent service to patients who need to rejuvenate their smile.

There are varying reasons for requiring a tooth replacement. Ranging from an avulsed tooth (a tooth that was forcibly removed through injury or accident) to major tooth decay, issues with missing teeth can quickly be resolved regardless of why a dental implant is needed.

Our dental technology simplifies the process of performing the oral surgery. This will allow you to schedule your appointment, undergo the tooth replacement procedure, and be ready in time for your summer vacation. With our highly trained cosmetic dentists, you can enjoy your time off with confidence.


There is no better time to replace a missing tooth than right now. If you need a dental implant, then contact our dental clinic in the Energy Corridor between Katy and downtown Houston and schedule your appointment. We look forward to completing and perfecting your smile.