Cosmetic Dental Fillings

cosmetic fillingsDental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures conducted in dentistry. Dental fillings are used whenever a patient experiences a cavity. When cavities form, they can easily spread across the tooth and dig deeper toward the roots. This can be a very painful experience.

A cavity, known as tooth decay, can weaken the tooth, which can also cause the tooth to chip and break. If this takes place, then it can become an expensive and more intensive process to salvage the tooth. At Houston Dental Esthetics, we highly recommend our dental patients to take care of cavities before they get worse.


Our Energy Corridor dentists remove and clean out the cavity. After every bit of the cavity is removed, the area is then filled with dental fillings. Dental fillings can be made of composite resin, or a metallic substance. We typically advise patients to receive dental fillings that are made of composite resin. This type of filling is tooth colored, which makes dental fillings practically unnoticeable. The substances used for dental fillings are extremely durable and often last the lifetime of the patient.

Dental fillings enable patients to return to normal oral functionality. This is because the affected tooth or teeth are stabilized again and strengthened. Dental patients are able to chew normally, and, by removing the cavity, there is no longer the hypersensitivity to cold foods and drinks.


As we mentioned before, having cavities resolved early ensures the decay doesn’t spread. If cavities are not corrected in a timely manner, then it can lead to needing root canals, dental crowns, or even tooth replacements called dental implants.

The best way to ensure teeth are healthy and cavity-free is to schedule a dental checkup every six months. This allows our Energy Corridor dentists to conduct thorough examinations of patients’ teeth. These dental exams are imperative to ensuring patients maintain proper oral health.


If you have seen cavities in your molars or have sensitivity in your teeth, then we recommend scheduling a dental appointment at our Energy Corridor dental office. Our dentists look forward to providing you and your family with beautiful and healthy smiles.

Contact us today at 281-918-7293 and schedule your dental appointment today and allow our Energy Corridor dentists to take care of your teeth.