Dental Crowns

Dental crowns have become one of the most common types of dental procedures in the nation. This tooth cap has saved millions of teeth over the years by ensuring they are not pulled out and replaced by dental implants or removed leaving an empty space in the jawline.

Dental crowns and dental implants in Energy Corridor dental office.

At Houston Dental Esthetics, our dental team conducts thorough examinations of every patient’s oral condition. Our Energy Corridor dental office utilizes the latest in dental technology to better serve our community and conduct procedures, like dental crowns and dental implants, in an easier and more efficient manner. Some of this dental technology includes the Galileos, which creates 3D image scans in seconds, and the CEREC, which creates in-house same-day ceramic dental crowns, bridges, and implants.

Our CEREC machine eliminates the wait time for a lab to create the dental crown. This also eliminates the requirement of wearing a temporary dental cap and then coming to the dental office for a follow-up appointment to receive the permanent dental crown. The lifetime of the dental crown is typically five to 15 years, but can sometimes last longer.


When a tooth is heavily decayed, broken or chipped, our dentists will decide on one of three options: dental filling, dental crown, or tooth extraction. The dental crown is in the middle of the three options because the decay or break is too vast to simply utilize dental filling, yet it can be saved instead of removed.

At our Energy Corridor dental office, the tooth decay is removed from the tooth by shaving it away. The salvaged tooth is then covered by a dental crown which is custom designed to perfectly fit between the existing teeth as well as the opposite jawline. The dental crown is made so that it looks and feels completely natural in order for the patient to continue their life as if their tooth had never had a problem.


If you have a tooth that is experiencing deep tooth decay, then it is our recommendation to schedule your dental appointment immediately. Taking care of the tooth quickly will ensure the problem does not worsen. This will provide the tooth the chance of being saved instead of requiring a tooth extraction.

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