Dental Implants

It is alarming to know that approximately half of the population of the US has at least one missing tooth. The reasons for this problem vary rather greatly. The reason can be from tooth decay, injury, no adult tooth growing in, or even oral cancer. At Houston Dental Esthetics in Katy, we have seen just about every tooth condition or missing tooth condition. For this reason, our dental office specializes in dental implants.


Dental implants at Houston Dental Esthetics in Katy.Dental implants are tooth replacements. These oral implants are made of either composite resin or porcelain so that the tooth replacement gives the appearance of a natural tooth. Both options are very stable and long-lasting.

But how does the implant stay in place? Good question. The dental implant procedure begins with ensuring that the patient has healthy gums and a strong foundation of bone in the jaw area. If the area is healthy, then the implant, which is made of titanium, will be placed into the jaw bone. The reason titanium is used is because it is biocompatible, meaning that the bone will accept the metallic material as part of itself. The bone will grow around it, holding it into place. This is why dental implants have a near 100% success rate and they typically last the entire lifetime of the patient.


Dental implants are extremely beneficial for our Katy dental patients because it improves the smile of our patients. If a dental patient has a missing tooth, whether in the anterior or the posterior, it can cause the patient to be self-conscious about their appearance. Of course, this is more prevalent with anterior teeth because they are much more visible. Placing an oral implant in the jaw completes a person’s smile and provides them with the self confidence they’ve been missing.

Another benefit of receiving a dental implant is that it can keep the teeth from shifting due to a missing tooth. When a tooth is missing, the teeth surrounding that area can become weakened. Having teeth aligned close together ensures those teeth remain as strong as possible.

The dental implant also helps with chewing. If too many teeth are missing, then it can be difficult to thoroughly chew certain foods, like meat, vegetables, or fruits. When food isn’t properly chewed, it can cause the digestion process to become more difficult. If a patient has a lot of teeth missing, our dentists will recommend dental bridges or dentures to the patient.


Do you have a missing tooth that you’ve wanted replaced? If so, then contact our Energy Corridor dental office today at 281-493-2936 and schedule your dentist appointment. Our Katy dentists focus on beautifying each patient’s smile, which often includes procedures like the dental implant, or dental crown, or as we mentioned, dentures and dental bridges.