Dental extractions are a very common procedure. At our dentist office in Energy Corridor, we have seen every kind of reason for requiring an oral extraction. These reasons can range from a weak tooth, problematic wisdom teeth, malocclusion, or advanced tooth decay.

Our Energy Corridor dentists conduct thorough examinations of every tooth that is being considered for extraction. We do this in order to save as many original teeth as possible. After deciding whether a tooth can be saved or not, our dentist will discuss the next steps with the patient. In the event that the tooth must be removed, the dentist advise the patient on how to care for the tooth properly in post-op care.


We mentioned a few reasons why a tooth may be extracted, but you may be wondering why the tooth cannot remain. Here are some reasons why certain teeth cannot remain:

  • WEAK TOOTH – If a tooth is weak, then this means it will probably fall out anyway. Weak teeth are not good for the rest of the mouth because it hampers the jaw’s ability to conduct common functions, like chewing and talking. A weak tooth also relies too much on the surrounding teeth and therefore creates more of a strain for the others.
  • WISDOM TEETH – Wisdom teeth extractions are the most common type of extraction. These teeth are located in the back of the mouth and are hard to reach with toothbrushes and floss. It is common for them to cause pain and discomfort because they grow in too high and make it difficult to chew. They can cause the gums to swell. If your wisdom teeth are causing you issues with common functions, like chewing, then it is time to have a wisdom teeth extraction surgery.
  • MALOCCLUSION – Malocclusion is when teeth are severely misaligned and it is often addressed with braces. But there are times when teeth are so offline that they must be removed because braces will not help. For the open space where a tooth needs to be, we often recommend a dental implant or a dental bridge.
  • TOOTH DECAY – Teeth that suffer from decay can sometimes be remedied through dental fillings, root canals, or dental crowns. But if there is simply too much decay that the tooth cannot be restored, then it has to be removed. If a decayed tooth remains, it could create an infection in the gums and lead to worse problems.


Our goal at Houston Dental Esthetics is to save as many teeth as possible. More importantly, however, is ensuring that every patient is orally healthy and can continue life without the disturbances of faulty teeth.

If you suffer from severe tooth pain or any of the aforementioned dental problems, then contact our Energy Corridor dentist office today and schedule your appointment.