Flap Surgery

flap surgery1
At Houston Dental Esthetics, our primary goal is to always salvage a patient’s teeth whenever possible. One of the ways we do this is through flap surgery. This oral surgery is conducted when pockets in the gums are so deep that performing a scaling or a root planing is not efficient or effective.

These pockets in the gums can cause infections that cannot be brushed or flossed out. It requires invasive work by our dental team. Our Energy Corridor dentists take their time with this procedure in order to ensure that all infection is removed.

This oral surgery requires the affected gums to be separated from the teeth and then temporarily folded back. By providing this opening, known as the “flap”, our dentists can thoroughly clean out the infected area that is impacting the tooth or even as far as the bone.


Flap surgery, commonly referred to as gingival flap surgery, is used to combat periodontal disease (gum disease). This is typically reserved for patients who suffer from moderate to severe periodontitis. As aforementioned, scaling or root planing can also be conducted to combat gum disease. This is why our Energy Corridor dentists conduct thorough dental checks to ensure our patients receive the accurate treatment.

Flap surgery removes plaque, tartar, bacteria, as well as infected (inflamed) tissue. Receiving this surgery sooner rather than later can be the difference in saving teeth and losing them. Gum disease can also affect the bone in the jaw.

Keep in mind that when gums bleed due to brushing and flossing, this is a sign of gum disease. Gum disease can be resolved by flossing and brushing regularly. If a patient does not conduct consistent and thorough dental hygiene, the result will be severe gum disease.


Our dentists in Energy Corridor are able to quickly identify problems within a patient’s mouth through dental checks and X-rays. If you suffer from periodontal disease, our dental team will inform you of how to deal with the issue. Depending on how the disease has progressed, a flap surgery may be suggested. Flap surgery, however, is typically reserved for extreme cases. Contact Houston Dental Esthetics in Houston’s Energy Corridor today.