For teeth to remain strong, gums must remain strong as well. At Houston Dental Esthetics, one of the ways we ensure our patients have strong gums is by providing gingival grafts. This surgical procedure is conducted when the gums on teeth or just one tooth have receded too far up the tooth. This is a health hazard for the tooth and can create further problems to the tooth and the supporting bone.

Our Energy Corridor dentists address this issue by taking tissue (skin) from the top of the mouth and applying it to the area where there is gum recession. The tissue is stitched to the affected area. This tissue covers the recessed area and enables the gums to continue protecting the teeth.


Oftentimes, dental patients do not even realize their gums have receded. Most often, they come to realize the recession when they feel pain or irritation while brushing or eating or drinking hot or cold items. This is one of the symptoms of gum recession due to the exposure of the roots.

Along with pain and irritation, the massive exposure of the roots can be unsightly to teeth. Recession of the gums can make the teeth look unevenly matched because most teeth will have normal gum coverage, but not on other teeth. This periodontal surgical procedure is also a dental cosmetic procedure.

Keeping gums strong is pivotal for maintaining proper oral hygiene. The best way to keep gums healthy, be sure to brush twice per day and floss every day. Our Energy Corridor dental clinic provides several procedures to combat gum disease and recession, including flap surgery and scaling and root planing.


If you have noticed gum recession on your teeth, then you may need a gingival graft procedure. Houston Dental Esthetics can quickly take care of this condition and ensure your gums are protecting your teeth. Contact our Energy Corridor dentist clinic today and schedule your appointment.