Scaling and Root Planing

scaling and root1
Houston Dental Esthetics has experienced every type of oral health issue and one of the most common problems is moderate to severe periodontal disease (gum disease). For patients who suffer from gum disease, our Energy Corridor dental clinic provides scaling and root planing to correct the oral disease.

Scaling and root planing helps treat gum disease, it is also conducted during regular dental cleanings. These dental procedures, which should be conducted every six months during a cleaning, ensure the prevention of gum disease. This doesn’t mean that gum disease will not take place if a patient schedules a bi-annual dental cleaning. That will only take place if the patient thorough brushes and flosses their teeth daily.


Scaling and root planing is commonly called a deep cleaning. Scaling the teeth and the gums removes plaque and tartar buildup. This plaque and tartar buildup can accumulate along the gumlines, creating periodontitis. At our Energy Corridor dental clinic, this non-surgical procedure cleans off this buildup to protect the teeth and the gums and ends up creating a smoothness to the root surfaces.

Keeping the root surfaces smooth ensures that bacteria, plaque, and tartar stay away. If a patient has been suffering from gum disease, this procedure can help heal the gums and cause them to attach themselves to the teeth more firmly. Depending on the severity of the periodontal disease, scaling and root planing may be a procedure that requires multiple visits.

After conducting a thorough check into a patient’s oral health, our dentists are able to provide accurate diagnoses and can then begin treatment. For patients suffering from extreme gum disease, they may be recommended to undergo a flap surgery, which enables the dentist to get under the gums and remove pockets of infection.


Even if you do not believe you need a scaling and root planing procedure, a regular dental cleaning every six months will utilize this procedure. If you notice that your gums bleed when brushing or flossing, then you may have moderate gum disease. This can quickly be addressed and treated through a deep cleaning. Contact our Energy Corridor dental office today to schedule your dental appointment.