Dental Implants Houston, TX

Advances in dentistry over the past 30 years have made dental implants increasingly popular when needing to replace missing teeth.

An implant looks and feels more like a natural tooth than other replacement methods because it replaces not only the tooth but also the root. The implant integrates with the jawbone over the healing period, providing a sturdy base for a permanent crown.

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The #1 health benefit of an implant is the bonding with the bone by recreating the pressure that natural chewing put on the jaw before losing the tooth. Chewing pressure stimulates growth of the bone and prevents loss of bone volume. Over time, bone loss causes the structure of the face to sag, creating a drooping of the muscles and the sunken-in look of the cheeks.

While a “dental implant” is commonly the term for all three components of the implant, the actual implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw during a minor surgical procedure. The other two components are the abutment on top of the screw and the crown that attaches to the abutment.

The implant procedure is usually done in two office visits. The first visit is for the implantation of the screw and the abutment. A temporary crown is placed for the healing period to give the jawbone time to graft to the screw. The second visit is after the healing period, and the permanent crown is placed with a stronger type of cement.

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