Dentures Houston, TX

For gaps in teeth or a whole row of missing teeth, dentures are one popular option for replacement. Houston Dental Esthetics offers dentures and can help you decide which type of dentures are the best for your dental situation.

Dentures are removable appliances, making it easy for cleaning. Dentures are removed before bedtime each evening and replaced in the morning. Cleaning is done by gentle brushing to remove plaque and food particles, and then they are stored in water overnight to keep them from drying out. Effervescent cleansers are also available to add to the water to help the cleaning process, but they do not have to be used every night.

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Removing the dentures at night allows the mouth and gums to rest and also stimulates the normal cleaning process of the mouth.

Two types of dentures are available and will vary with each patient, depending on how many teeth are missing.

Partial dentures are needed if just a few teeth are missing in one row of teeth. A partial is named so, as it only replaces some of the teeth. The remaining teeth in that row will help hold the partial in place.

Complete dentures will replace an entire row of teeth, whether it is on the top, both, or one for each.

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