Emergency Care Houston, TX

Houston Dental Esthetics provides emergency treatment for patients in need. Whether you are an established patient or a new patient, our entire office staff is committed to providing the best care available for routine office procedures or urgent cases.

We strive to accommodate emergency dental appointments immediately or on the same day. After the emergency has been attended to, a follow-up appointment may be needed.

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Any type of trauma can cause lacerations and bleeding in the mouth. Teeth can be accidentally knocked out or just partially fractured, necessitating quick treatment. Untreated injuries can lead to serious complications, even if you think you have a minor injury. A slight injury to one tooth may have caused damage to adjacent soft tissues or teeth that cannot be readily seen.

Any tooth pain or discomfort can be symptoms of a bigger issue. Any oral discomfort should be evaluated as soon as possible.

A swollen jaw should also be examined as soon as possible. The swelling could be caused by infection, as well as trauma.

Sore gums need pain relief if only because it is inconvenient when trying to eat.

Nonpainful broken or lost fillings can collect food and bacteria, leading to an infection. It should be repaired as soon as possible.

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