Houston Dental Esthetics is the best choice for those in need of full mouth rehabilitation. Our cutting-edge techniques and superior service produce extremely satisfied patients.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a human work of art, providing a new lease on life for many people. Dr. Saba and Dr. Frangie will customize your treatment plan to provide the healthiest and most beautiful results available.

Our staff is trained to provide the careful planning required for each stage of treatment. The purpose of rehabilitation is to optimize the health of the entire mouth, from teeth and gums to the correct bite.

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Patients requiring full mouth restoration have multiple missing or badly damaged teeth and possibly previous dental restorations that have worn down over time. A fully functioning mouth with excellent oral health is the goal of full mouth restoration and may require extensive work and multiple appointments. The final results can be staggering, whether teeth have been damaged by disease or trauma.

The first step to full mouth rehabilitation is the initial consultation with Dr. Saba or Dr. Frangie. Our team is dedicated to diagnosing and establishing the right treatment plan to optimize your oral health.

Treatments may include several of the following procedures:

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Inlays or onlays
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Composite or metal fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental implants