Invisalign Houston, TX

Invisalign is the #1 dentist-recommended teeth straightening system available, and it is available at Houston Dental Esthetics.

Invisalign is a clear aligner system that straightens teeth more comfortably than metal braces. Aligners also require fewer patient restrictions, allowing more eating, drinking, and sports freedom. With wire braces, patients are required to avoid certain foods and not play in contact sports.

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Invisalign aligners are worn daily but are removable for easier cleaning and eating. The aligners are worn up to 22 hours a day, depending on your treatment plan.

These aligners are made of a revolutionary new clear material, making them almost invisible to other people.

During the consultation appointment, a 3D scan is obtained of the mouth and teeth (no goopy molds to suffer through). The special Invisalign software uses the scan to map out a specialized treatment plan to move the teeth into the best position. A computer model can produce images of the teeth as they will look at the end of treatment.

The treatment plan is transmitted to the Invisalign factory, where several sets of customized aligners are produced and sent back to Houston Dental Esthetics. A series of aligners are then given to the patient, and each set is worn for a specific amount of time (usually two weeks) and then replaced with the next set in the series. The changing aligners gently guide the teeth into their new positions.

Each night, the aligners are removed, rinsed, and cleaned. Brushing and flossing remain the same for your teeth while the aligners are removed.

Let Dr. Saba and Dr. Frangie make your smile the best it can be.