Teeth Whitening Houston, TX

Is your smile as dazzling as you want it to be? If not, call Houston Dental Esthetics to discuss how your smile can be brighter. Dr. Saba and Dr. Frangie provide professional teeth whitening in their office in Houston, Texas.

Call for an appointment before you buy a whitening kit from the grocery store. Over-the-counter whitening kits do not provide the results most patients are expecting. Professional whitening can produce up to 10 shades whiter in a shorter amount of time than kits purchased at big box stores.

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The disappointing results of over-the-counter kits are due to the amount of whitening agent available in them. Hydrogen peroxide is the bleaching agent used to break down stains on teeth, but home whitening kits do not contain enough bleaching strength to achieve acceptable whitening.

In-office bleaching agents are up to 43% stronger, high enough to require professional monitoring to prevent damage to the tooth enamel. Houston Dental Esthetics can provide an expert teeth whitening experience.

The in-office treatments last from 30 and 60 minutes and provide three to eight times whiter results than at-home kits, although it may require several visits to achieve the desired effect.

It is best to avoid high-staining foods, such as berries or coffee, for a minimum of 48 hours after treatments.

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