Extractions Houston, TX

Although the ultimate goal for good oral health is to retain as many natural teeth as possible throughout adulthood, accidents happen. Disease happens. Teeth are damaged and require extraction.

Extraction is the medical term for the removal of an entire tooth, including the root, from the jawbone. While no one likes having a tooth pulled, the procedure is as gruesome as back in the days of the Wild West. It is not the painful ordeal that it used to be. Modern technology has made tooth extraction mostly pain-free. Patients who have gone through it usually say that the anesthetic injection is the most painful part, but even that isn’t intolerable.

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“Dental anxiety” tends to be the biggest cause of discomfort. The extraction is usually fairly simple, and the anesthetic keeps the patient comfortable throughout.

A cotton swab with numbing gel is placed on the gums where the anesthetic injection is to be administered. The gel numbs the skin to make the injection less noticeable. The actual injection may feel like a slight pinching sensation, but as the anesthetic is injected into the gums, the numbness will start to build as it enters the gums.

The entire extraction should be pain-free. Sounds of the extraction may be heard, mainly some popping while rocking the tooth gently back and forth, but if any discomfort is felt, inform the doctor immediately. Additional anesthetic will be administered to make sure you are comfortable.

The entire staff at Houston Dental Esthetics strives to make all of your experiences here comfortable.