Want a Gleaming Summer Smile? Come to Our Energy Corridor Dental Clinic

Summer vacations. Summer outings. Summer nights. Get your most beautiful smile to go with all things summer at Houston Dental Esthetics in the Energy Corridor.

Summer is a time where the camera is always being used by you and your friends. Nights out on the town, cruises, and days at the beach are perfect times and places where you take tons of photos and videos. These memorable moments can be even more memorable with a perfect smile.

At Houston Dental Esthetics, our cosmetic dentists can provide all the dentistry that you need to get your smile looking fabulous.


Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and is often the one thing they will remember. Ensuring your smile looks great is the perfect way to make and leave a good first impression.

Houston Dental Esthetics has the latest in cosmetic dental technology, which allows our patients to completely rejuvenate or renovate their smiles in an efficient and timely manner.

  • VITA Shade: Perfectly matching the shade of your teeth is crucial to your smile. If the shade of your teeth don’t match after a teeth whitening, veneer placements, or a dental implant, then your smile can stand out for the wrong reasons. Our cosmetic dentists use the VITA Shade Compact to quickly analyze the shade of your teeth so that we can make certain they match.
  • ZOOM Bleaching: Speaking of teeth whitening, our dental clinic just east of Katy conducts teeth whitening with ZOOM Bleaching, which makes whitening teeth faster and more efficient. There’s a reason it’s called ZOOM.
  • CEREC: Need a dental crown or a dental implant? The CEREC creates ceramic dental restorations in-house. After using a dental X-ray, we are able to create a custom dental crown that can be placed on top of an existing tooth or a dental implant.


If you live in Katy, the Energy Corridor or anywhere in the southwest Houston area, then contact our dental office today and schedule your cosmetic dental appointment. We are always cognizant of our patients’ time and work hard to perform every dental procedure in a timely manner.