ZOOM Bleaching

ZOOM® Whitening, or zoom bleaching, is a professional teeth-whitening procedure that uses LED-whitening technology. It is a fact that, over time, your teeth can become stained and discolored from a wide variety of sources, including medications such as antibiotics, or colored foods and drinks like coffee or wine. Additionally, smoking can permanently turn teeth to a yellow or grayish shade. If you are dissatisfied with the color of your teeth and want a quick solution, ZOOM® Whitening is one of the fastest teeth whitening systems available. It is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that will quickly enhance the attractiveness of your smile.

Zoom Whitening, is now available in our office. In 90 minutes time, while you nap or listen to your favorite music we can whiten your teeth! Ask us about our in-office special happening for a limited time only.